Trustworthiness Monitoring & Assessment Framework

A Framework for Assessing and Improving the Trustworthiness of Cloud Applications


Main Components

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TMA Monitor

Provides a generic interface used by the probes in the different layers of the system to send the collected measurements and events.
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TMA Analyze

Continuously listens to changes, calculates the trustworthiness scores and, if such scores fall below the thresholds, the Planning is activated.
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TMA Planning

Responsible for analyzing the scores computed by the Analyze, it devises plans for adaptation to improve trustworthiness of the system.
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TMA Execute

Responsible to implement the actions recommended in the plans, changing the behavior of managed resources through the actuators.
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TMA Knowledge

Stores measurements and events data, and the application architecture and resources available and their adaptations.
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Included in the managed systems, observe their behaviour and send measurements and events to the Monitor.
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Included in our managed systems, implement the actions that modify their behaviour, upon request by the Execute.
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Displays information to users, and allows to adjust the parameters of the quality models and thresholds used.